John Pitches the Black Gray Sheep Wool to Urban Dwellers

The route John had to follow when he drove into the city was more focused on general districts as opposed to a specific trail. He knew enough people in the city to stay overnight with certain friends as he continued along his journey. He would hit certain areas each one, two, or sometimes three days so he had the chance to pitch everyone. It was tricky to convince some people who were knew to the area since they had grown accustomed to buying their fabric at other brands. John was determined to make them see that the wool from his rare dark gray sheep was the best that money could buy.

In addition to visiting individual houses in neighborhoods, he would target the most well-known businesses in each area of town. There were always businesses opening and closing every year so John made an extensive list of which ones to target for the current year. John noticed something different about his list for this year. He had more casinos than usual and it was a pleasant surprise. In the past, some casinos he visited like his brand so much that they bought a mass number of items or wool in bulk. He knew they wanted to create their own products to sell, but he was happy as long as they shared the message of his brand.

There were only four casinos on his list the previous year and three of them bought mass stock of wool. There were nine casinos on his list this year and he was curious as to why five additional casinos had opened in a timespan of only one year. It seemed rather odd, but he did not analyze the situation too much. All it meant was that he had five additional opportunities to strike an amazing deal to sell the warmest wool in the region from his black gray sheep. He did not care which individuals or businesses purchased the items from him. The only thing he cared about was helping everyone stay warm. It was important in this northern part of the country that people stay warm since dozens of people had gotten sick the previous year from weather related illnesses. Most city dwellers had more efficient heating systems than those living in the countryside, but they had to venture outside at some point during the day. Whether it was work, school, or social gatherings, they had to stay warm one way or another.

The first area John visited was the affluent neighborhood where two of the new casinos had opened. He started by going to the other businesses in the district and he would save the casinos for last. After finding much success at the other businesses, he was confident going into his meetings. His confidence paid off as he landed two deals that would see the new casinos buy a significant supply of hats, gloves, and scarves. He pitched the idea of the casinos selling the clothing items so they could make a return on their purchase and it worked like a charm.


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