John’s Continued Success with the Dark Gray Sheep Wool

John was not done with just the wealthy district where everyone had the means to buy lots of products he had available. Even though he made a humungous profit in that section of the city, he knew it was his purpose to travel to every district and neighborhood of the city.

The next few areas offered him similar success to the first and lots of families bought hats and gloves for their children. John convinced them that the wool from his sheep was the best way for their children to stay warm when they had to leave the house to go to school in the morning. He always gave the parents an adult size to try on and learn for themselves how warm his products truly were. They were amazed by its soft texture and ability to make the coldest of days seem somewhat bearable.

Another thing that made John’s business stand out was his preparedness for any type of request. One person asked him if he was able to make slippers out of the wool to wear around the house at night. This would keep the person’s feet warm inside a potentially cold house even without the need for socks. The curious person stated to John that they would not be surprised if he did not have any in stock due to it being an odd request. John shocked the person by showing them two distinct styles of slippers. They were amazed and bought three pair on the spot from him. The same person who bought the trio of slippers suggested that John try selling more of these slippers to the nearby casino. Ironically, it was already on his list but he did not know what type of crowd the casino was geared toward.

This was one of the new casinos that had opened this year and it was the newest one on John’s extensive list of businesses. It had only been open for two months and its environment was aimed towards senior citizens. They were more vulnerable to the region’s ferocious winter storms and John knew the warm wool could help them get through the winter months with extra comfort. He wanted to offer this casino an extra discount since supposedly its audience was focused on the elderly.

When John arrived, his other customer’s statement was proven correct. This casino had nothing but senior citizens playing slots, poker, and other games. It almost looked like it was a retirement home, but it was indeed a regular casino. After much conversation with the owner of the casino, John provided him a tremendous supply of wool from his dark gray sheep at a discounted price. He only offered the discounted price if the owner ensured that he would not sell the items to the elderly. The agreement included the casino giving away the wool items as prizes for the vast array of games they had available to play.

John had made another great deal for his business and he continued to have much success with all the businesses throughout the city.


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